Peptide analysis


Incomplete digestion of proteins from grain and milk leads to the formation of peptides. A high level of peptides in urine also indicates a high level in the blood stream. This is unfortunate, because several of these peptides may influence the brain. Neurozym Biotech's peptide analysis is particularly recommended in cases of autism and ADHD, but also in other psychological disorders and when protein intolerance is suspected. The peptide analysis will tell you if you may benefit from a casein/gluten free diet. It's also possible to use the test to discover a diet breach. A diet breach is not necessarily a deliberate act, but could easily be caused by gluten and/or casein in foods where they're not expected to be.

Test Request Form and Test Kit

In the Order-section, you can order test kits. The Test Request Form is included in the test kit.


It's important that you don't start a diet before you take the test. In order to detect the peptides, you have to eat the proteins from which the peptides are derived. You should eat bread and milk products for at least 14 days, preferably a month, before the sample is taken.

Taking the test

The urine sample is taken in the morning, before any food or drink is consumed. This is important because all people have peptides in their urine after a meal. When the sample is taken, discard the very first urine (it's full of contaminations). 


We recomment that customers in the Nordic countries send the samples as ordinary post packages. In the rest of Europe and other parts of the world you can send the sample as ordinary post package or you can use a courier. This has to be considered based on how the shipment is best in your home country.

Payment and test results

We use SWIFT invoice for all customers outside Norway  The invoice will be sent to you either by e-mail or by mail. (see the request form for more information). The test results are sent to your address when they are ready and payment is received.